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Winners of the Middlesex and Essex Invitation League 2009 - 2012

May 17, 2012

North Weald Went West

Chigwell 167-6
North Weald 65

Chigwell won by 102 runs Full Scorecard

Well, cricket, writes Nigel Barfoot. The waiting for mother earth to allow nuclear activity through the thin layer we call atmosphere lasted three weeks - it was sunny at last!

Chigwell were put into bat which with a hot-ish day and soggy pitch looked ominous for our openers. Robbie Allum and brother of Wayne, Tom Kerr, started off proceedings. Tom faced the first ball and hit a huge-ish shot from way outside leg which caught the wind and was caught out. 135 last year and golden duck this year. Ok. Ah yes, that's cricket. Unlucky mate.
Aqeel was next to the crease and was stumped by the lack of bounce as was Rob who found it very tricky to hit the ball off the square. At this point we all though 60/70 was a total that would be ok to get to.

The score crept up slowly and Aqeel lost his wicket to bring in Adamski. At this point I retired my umpire's jacket and went to pad up which meant I stopped paying attention to our game and now paid attention to the vile football scores. Rob scored 64. Arsenal got 3, which is poor in cricket terms. Adam scored, who knows, 3.4 billion or so? We scored a very respectable 167.

North Weald's tea was full of all the proteins and nutrients most people need to play sport, except for Gremlo who needs his hit of sugar to bowl. Gremlo opened the bowling with great gusto. Owen was at the other end for a legendary spell that lasted a few more balls than a traditional over.

Alex was to replace Evans above and bowled pretty well, grabbing a wicket. Gremlo straight bowled two batsmen and took a caught and bowled which was hit hard. Rob Orange bowled well but was unlucky not to nick one. Nick on the other hand didn't buy a jug so I won't mention his bowling. 5-for and 2 plane crashes.

North Weald were a good fun team to play, with plenty of quality banter to entertain us all. It was a good day.

May 04, 2012

More rain

Last week's league match against Pacific was cancelled and so is the one this Sunday against Hadley Wood Green. That is the news.

April 23, 2012


Our first match, away against Mayfield, was cancelled due to the wet weather. On the plus side, each side receives 8 points, under the new league regulations.

March 18, 2012

2012 Fixtures!

The fixture list for 2012 is now published. The first three matches are league skirmishes, beginning on 22nd April against Mayfield. So let's exhume those old spikes from the bottom of the wardrobe, oil up and get ready to perform. Oo-err missus....!

November 15, 2011

Winter Nets

Nets will begin at Forest School on Tuesday 3rd January from 9.00pm - 10.00pm. We have one lane, and sessions will continue each Tuesday until the end of April.

That's the only cricketing news at the moment, as we slide into bleak winter. More information on social events to come soon.

July 22, 2011

Guess Who's Back...

James's contribution to Chigwell's run tally continues... x

Guess Who's Back...

July 04, 2011

Orsett to Provence

The only decent weather for weeks and the whinging Poms thought it was too hot for cricket, writes Nigel Barfoot.

Well we had a Kiwi and an Osbourne for company plus an army-supplied cool-bag full of necessary ingredients for a Moulin Rouge after-party. Enough hyphens?

Cricket was the game and Mark was the name to start the bowling. He displayed a good front to Chigwell's attack with carefully placed balls that tempted the swinging batsmen. Swinging the other way was Richard who surprised the oppo with balls that did something else. The sun shone and work was hard in the field - Gremlo kept bowling and eventually tickled a stump - sounds odd but it got the batsman out.

Orsett had started well with sloggers but once they were out, the total to follow should have been no more than 140 - Orsett got 175 and credit to their youngsters who were very impressive in staying in and getting runs.

Tea followed and was plentiful much like the random selection of music played thru the PA system. Rob A and Dave opened the batting. Dave perished for 1 without blaming the sun or the whinging Poms which is to his credit.

Aqeel strode forth and looked very good when playing shots - a lot of them going straight to fielders but some of them going through and scoring runs quick.

At the other end was Rob A who, without any Irn Bru, was dehydrated with a lack of ginger. It was like he had survived the Normandy landings at Omaha but then needed a drink - Rob A scored a good 50

Never the shy one, Richard swung with the gravity of Jupiter but missed, everything, we all thought, but then Richard smashed 20/20 balls in a timed match, through the roof at one point, in Provence.

2x50s - Rallum and Hannanto - 12 overs each by Mark and Robbie O - Amazing C&B by Grem - Good to win guys - S&H

June 29, 2011

Chigwell's Batting Goes South (Loughton)

Chigwell vs South Loughton
Sunday 26th June

The sun had its hat on for sure, writes Nigel Barfoot. We started well with Rob Allum winning the toss and consulting the team on what we should do - bat/bowl? The vote was 7/4 to bowl first which we did, with SPF 0(Richard) to SPF 50(Rob O).

  Gremlo started with his usual panache of in-swing with Ricardo at the other end swinging the other way. Hedge took a catch at point which kicked off a McFlurry of wickets - we got them down to about 55-6. They scored 101 in the end which was kind of us having not finished them off with our bowlers for 70 odd. They scored 101 all out.

  Rob A and Dave opened up the batting and we all sat back in the glorious sun watching an imperious duo of batsmen pick off the runs. Well, they got 2 runs and Dave took his Mizuno loft wedge from his caddy, chipping in for a birdie. The Highway man came to crease and looked to stay out all day - we had hours to get a tonne. Accurate bowling brought an appeal for LBW which was turned down by Will but an over later, the same ball got stuck in Nige's LBW hole. The next wickets fell to the same bowler, mostly LBW apart from Aqeel who edged to slip. Uh-o - Romeo and Juliet, Money for Nothing - we were in Dire Straits with two drummers. Soon to be one drummer after Rallum got bowled.

  Rob Orange and Nick had to go out and stodge out about 3 hours of cricket. They did well but Nick flourished to gully. Rob joined the golf fraternity by chipping one straight to a fielder. Brad did well and was joined by our nuclear submarine from up north, Ricardo Hannanto, who was #11.

  First ball - 4 runs. We hadn't seen much of that and being about 35-9, it was something to cheer. Then something very strange happened - Richard blocked a ball at his stumps. Wait a minute, could he do this for a while? Could the super-boomer win it?  Quite sensible, then bonkers whacking of the ball put Chigs back in contention again. 20/20 stuff now. Rich hit the ball bloody hard and got us to 60 very quickly but he was caught out being sensible, boo.

  Well done in the field and for the guys who saw out the accurate bowling. We're 400% better than that though.

Full scorecard

June 21, 2011

Picturesque Chardstock

Chardstock and the green fields of Merrie England

May 17, 2011

Russell's Wagon Wheel is a Treat for Chigs

Chigwell maintained their 100% winning start to the season thanks to a magnificent hundred from in form Russell and persistence in the field, despite the spilling of a few catches, writes Rob Orange.

The day did not start well. Calling tails was, on reflection, a mistake as the coin obliged Adrian Clarke, Willingale skipper, and with not much hesitation Chigwell were inserted. Discovering that the match ball hadn't made it to the ground added to the misery, but fortunately the home team was able to supply a ball and the match got under way.

It was the first time I can remember the Willingale pitch being something other than green and Adam and Russell navigated their way through a probing opening spell of bowling, particularly from Willingale's skipper. As our openers acclimatised the run rate rose from 3 per over and the ball was sent to various thickets surrounding the playing area. This was to prove the downfall for Adam when the match ball was lost in a massive area of brambles and the replacement ball declined to bounce, leaving him trapped in front. Still, 59 for the first wicket was a good start and Russell was well set.
Nigel played some useful shots before swinging across the line and being bowled by another of the many Clarkes appearing for the opposition. Richard was promoted to number 4 which seemed a good plan as he pulled his first delivery for a boundary, but not so good when he spooned a catch to gully second ball. Aqeel was next to come and go after advancing down the track to a well flighted delivery, missing it and being easily stumped. Will, batting at six, proved a worthy partner for Russell, the pair scoring at 10 per over to push Chigwell to an impressive 235 from the 36 overs the two and a half hours of batting time allowed.

During this belligerent partnership Russell cut, pulled and drove imperiously, bringing up his maiden ton for Chigwell to the acclaim and delight of his team mates by the pavilion. Virtually chanceless and characterised by a beautiful tempo it was impressive to watch. Century in the locker, Russell straight drove Adrian Clarke for a towering six and continued to bat for the team to finish on 124 not out. Will finished on 31 from only 18 balls and gave a good indication of how useful an addition to the Chigwell ranks he will be.

The Willingale tea was up to its usual standard, i.e. sumptuous. Of course we are used to Wiskin Teas © now so it did not have quite the impact of former years. Bloody delicious though!

With an hour followed by 20 overs the meagre allocation for Willingale to score 236, or for us to take 10 wickets I decided to open with spin (me) at one end and Gremlo at the other. After 2 or 3 balls from Gremlo Adam brought to the attention of the umpires that the ball we were using was not the original match ball or a like for like replacement. Somehow we were left with this obviously older and swollen ball which had probably sat in a boundary hedge for at least a week. Gremlo couldn't make it swing and I couldn't find much turn but we managed a wicket apiece, the first of which heralded the arrival of A.Joy, batting at 3. Always ready to chat, but rarely ready for the bowler Mr. Joy began to club my full toss pies to all parts of the ground. He raced to 50 (out of 61) but fortunately his batting partners proved less durable and steadily perished, 2 wickets falling to Dan's wily spin including an excellent catch off his own bowling, and 3 to the impressive Alex, including a useful catch from yours truly. Richard was only given 2 overs (sorry Rich), this while Dan's spinning finger was recovering from an injury sustained while taking his catch. On returning however he found Mr. Joy in excellent form and Dan never rediscovered the form of his first spell. Francois was given no chance to bat or bowl, a victim of the short format of the game. (Sorry Francois).

Chigs were running out of time and as a last throw I returned to the opening attack, but from different ends. There were 3 overs to go and 3 wickets required, but then Gremlo struck, clean bowling the Willingale number 9, then, crucially, taking a caught and bowled chance from Mr. Joy who had by then recorded the second century of the match. With 2 overs to go skipper bowled at skipper and Adrian looked comfortable. From the last delivery he was determined to retain the strike, having the opinion that the number 11 would stand no chance against Gremlo. Unfortunately for Willingale he hit the ball straight to Gremlo at shortish mid-wicket and fortunately for Chigwell Gremlo's rather effeminate throw reached me just in time to run Adrian out and seal the win for Chigwell.


After the match we enjoyed the beer Russell bought to mark his excellent century and marvelled at the wagon wheel courtesy of Dan's cricket scoring app. It showed scoring all around the wicket, demonstrating what a good knock it was. Well done on your first century for Chigs Russell; here's to many more.