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May 11, 2015

Early Season Update

Hi Everyone,
We've had a very enjoyable start to the season so far. We've now had 4 matches; a limited overs friendly v F&H at their place. We came second but not by much! Then into the first league match at Black Rose of Highgate. Draw 5 points. Decent bunch of guys but they really need to sort their catering out;-)
We then had our first home match at Old Chigs with a seamless changeover from Linda to our new tea girl, Kizzi. Tiffin was taken and all were happy... We also swept Coopersale up as heartily as we did the tea and won with 8 balls to spare with Richard smashing a debut ton off about 3 balls. Tonkington Village!! Drinks and curries were taken later on and all was grand. Yesterday we arrived at Havering Atte Bower for the first time. Great ground overlooking the Thames estuary from on high. Remarkable, as I had no idea how we got that high up without noticing... Anyway, they proved to be a nice bunch of guys who delivered an awesomely abundant tea and a positive brand of Sunday 40 over cricket. We had more edges behind the wicket in this game than we did all last season combined! We dropped a few and caught a few but everything turned out well as we cruised to a win after the aforementioned tea with Daniel in control bringing the batters in to land (our excellent bowling unit having set up the win). Some beer and some entertaining darts and pool finished off the evening very nicely. Look forward to playing over there again next year. Okay, that's it for now folks, apart from a reminder that the next home match is the bank holiday weekend so we will have a social that night... Any suggestions welcome but maybe the Cuckfield or George might work as we can get some food there as well as Hefewiezen ;-)
Be seeing you...


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