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July 12, 2013

Draw against 64

Summer threatened to come along last Sunday and it did, writes Nigel Barfoot. Chigwell warmed up with a chill down of whatever liquid was available. Luckily anti-freeze has been banned for human consumption. Pernod was still allowed.

Chigwell started bowling at a 64CC XI replete with old friends (Adders, Stiff, JT, Bolsy and more). Gremlo passed on the usual jumper-fetish. At the other end was Ricardo who could never turn his collar up at that invitation. He wanted a better tan. The batsmen started well and continued to score a fair few runs until they stopped at 242. Fielding was hard work. Rob O took a one handed catch which brought the cries of – show off! Nope, he’s got a broken hand.

Chigwell came out to bat with Francois and Will. Francois was caught out early. A collapse happened but, then, Gremlo arrived without a jumper or tiffin. The guy managed to put on a few runs with Prof N Allum and we looked in the race again. Gremlo fell for 80 which was a decent score. Rob Orange stepped up to the plate and hit a lot of balls including a massive six. Nick was positive with grace all the way through and hit some great shots.

We finished 25 short of winning and two wickets short of losing. Gremlo – 80, Nick Allum 51, Rob Orange – 36. Scorecard here.


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