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April 2013

April 30, 2013

Pacific? More like the Arctic

A thrilling scores level draw is becoming the norm for games against league rivals Pacific, writes Rob Orange.  Following their agonising nearly-but-not-quite effort in the probable "title decider" last season, Pacific will take more from the draw on this occasion, scoring more points and having been staring down the barrel when Chigs needed 2 to win from the final over with 2 wickets in hand.

Chigwell won the toss and  took to the field a man and an opening bowler light as Dave was struggling through traffic, having turned up at the wrong ground.  In a game of such tight margins being a man down for half an hour was probably the single biggest difference between a draw and a victory.  Rich bowled well and took his 2 wickets in successive balls to finish with 2 for 46.  Umpire Fred raised his finger for the second of those, despite the batsman claiming he had edged the ball into his pads.  (In the umpire's defence no one on our side noticed what must have been a thin touch). Alex couldn't get his radar going and conceded a fair few wides before being replaced by Nick, who bowled well despite a short legside boundary.  A couple of difficult chances were spilled off his bowling, and - as these thing often go - he was then punished with a couple of maximums in his final over.

Skipper Rob O replaced Rich and was surprised but delighted when Mr. Webley chipped one to Dave in the covers to end his firecracker innings on 44.  A great catch by Rich gave Rob his second wicket and with Dave now allowed to bowl and chipping in with a wicket, things were looking rosy before a well timed knock from Mr. Gleadow (42) ensured that Pacific reached a very respectable 217 for 8.   The last 2 balls of the innings involved a badly missed run out and a dropped catch by the skipper, costing Chigwell a bowling point and a crucial run or two.  Ah well…

After tea, during which a batting order was finally thrashed out, Chigs got off to a very shaky start with Aqeel departing LBW and Dave unexpectedly missing a full toss to leave us on 14 for 2.  Will - who has opened in both games now - and Russell then constructed the main partnership of the innings, a magnificent stand of 91 before Chassaud claimed them both in quick succession in an eventful 3 over spell of 2-29. Will made an excellent 44, Russell an equally attractive 50.  Rich and Nigel were next up, Nigel looking comfortable before getting a good away swinger to depart for 9.  Richard made 34 very quick runs before falling to the catch of the day in the deep.  This quick scoring enabled Nick and Jonathan to set themselves at the crease before pressing the accelerator as the innings neared its climax.  Jon hit successive boundaries to swing the game in Chigwell's favour.  Sharply run singles kept things ticking over until a direct hit run out ended Nick's innings (17) with Chigwell 7 runs short of victory.  Jonathan managed a 4 and a single to leave Chigwell in the envious position of needing 2 to win from the last over with 2 wickets in hand.  Pacific changed the bowler for this last over and were extremely fortunate that his first ball was not given wide.  It surely would have been at any other stage of the game, it being outside the return crease.  2 balls later Jon feathered a catch to the gleeful keeper and suddenly Chigwell were 1 run behind with 9 wickets down.  Alex saw 2 balls scuttle through, evading his bat, but managed a single off the last ball to leave a wonderful game drawn with the scores level.

Analysis of the scorebook after the game had Chigwell at 218, and the score for Pacific not reaching 217 by batting or by bowling, but without official scorers the book rarely adds up, so no problem with accepting that a really great game ended with honours even.  It is to be hoped that when the teams next meet on September 1st we enjoy similarly exciting cricket.  And a significantly higher temperature, it was bloody freezing!

Full scorecard

April 18, 2013

25 Glorious Years of Chigwell Cricket Club

We open the 2013 season celebrating our 25th year. Who would have thought that those tennis ball matches in the garden would lead to a quarter century of cricketing fun including 23 tours - to Sussex, Devon and Dorset, with the 24th planned for Spain this October?  In recognition of these fabulous achievements we have produced a very special 25th anniversary cap,which is available to members for just £25. That is just one pound per year! Please pay in cash or by bank transfer to the club account. No one will be issued with a cap before paying!! 

Chigwell 25 cap front  Chigwell 25 cap back 


April 14, 2013

New Old Chigs 2013