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July 2011

July 22, 2011

Guess Who's Back...

James's contribution to Chigwell's run tally continues... x

Guess Who's Back...

July 04, 2011

Orsett to Provence

The only decent weather for weeks and the whinging Poms thought it was too hot for cricket, writes Nigel Barfoot.

Well we had a Kiwi and an Osbourne for company plus an army-supplied cool-bag full of necessary ingredients for a Moulin Rouge after-party. Enough hyphens?

Cricket was the game and Mark was the name to start the bowling. He displayed a good front to Chigwell's attack with carefully placed balls that tempted the swinging batsmen. Swinging the other way was Richard who surprised the oppo with balls that did something else. The sun shone and work was hard in the field - Gremlo kept bowling and eventually tickled a stump - sounds odd but it got the batsman out.

Orsett had started well with sloggers but once they were out, the total to follow should have been no more than 140 - Orsett got 175 and credit to their youngsters who were very impressive in staying in and getting runs.

Tea followed and was plentiful much like the random selection of music played thru the PA system. Rob A and Dave opened the batting. Dave perished for 1 without blaming the sun or the whinging Poms which is to his credit.

Aqeel strode forth and looked very good when playing shots - a lot of them going straight to fielders but some of them going through and scoring runs quick.

At the other end was Rob A who, without any Irn Bru, was dehydrated with a lack of ginger. It was like he had survived the Normandy landings at Omaha but then needed a drink - Rob A scored a good 50

Never the shy one, Richard swung with the gravity of Jupiter but missed, everything, we all thought, but then Richard smashed 20/20 balls in a timed match, through the roof at one point, in Provence.

2x50s - Rallum and Hannanto - 12 overs each by Mark and Robbie O - Amazing C&B by Grem - Good to win guys - S&H