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January 2011

January 03, 2011

New Year Statistics

After seeing Hans Rosling's brilliant BBC 4 programme, The Joy Of Stats, I thought I'd try my hand at charting some Chigs batting stats. Here is the result.

Each player is represented by a blob. The size of the blob represents the total runs scored by the batsman during the season. The colour of the blob shows how many 50s the batsman scored, ranging from none (dark blue) to four or more (red).  The vertical axis shows a player's batting average, while the horizontal axis shows how many matches the player played in a given year. There are only two years of data at the moment - 2009 and 2010. You can view each year by moving the slider or clicking the play button at the bottom of the chart. Rolling over the blobs reveals the name of the batsmen; clicking on them keeps them highlighted. Clicking on a player and then pressing the play button will display a trail from earlier to later years, showing how a player has developed. Click and drag to select an area for zooming in. You can also play around with the chart, changing the statistics on each dimension as you wish.