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October 2010

October 26, 2010

Pay Up Please...

October 11, 2010

Awards 2009/2010

Congratulations to all who won awards for the last two seasons cricket at our annual dinner last Friday at Aurora Soho.
If you weren't there to enjoy the fun, the awards went like this: 2009 Champagne Moment (re-classified to a Cava moment due to the double-dip;-) went to James Sibley's catch which took us to league victory in the nailbiting decider v Mayfield last year. The booze was awarded to the whole squad who quaffed it without delay even though it was room temp! 2009 President's Cup was awarded to Mr Dave Colwill for scoring a billion runs when it counted!
Champagne moment for 2010 was awarded to Bradley Davis for his hard won debut half century v 9KBW in the bank holiday Imran memorial game.
This years President's Cup was awarded to Robbie Orange for his excellent contribution as part of the formidable 'spin twins', as well as for his solid and dutiful vice captaincy, decent batting and superlative catching!
Well done to all who won and all who played or supported or enjoyed the club in any way over the last few years.... Bring on next season!

October 04, 2010

Music and cricket - the life of Riley for Rob

From the local rag...

Music and cricket - the life of Riley for Rob