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June 2010

June 27, 2010

Chig beat South Loughton by 60 runs

A victory for Chigwell with 2.5 overs to spare. Dave Colwill 50 and wickets shared around all the bowlers.

June 25, 2010

Chigwell Well on Top, But Mayfield Field Better

Knowing that the Old Chigs pitch tends to play well, and that taking 10 wickets can be tough going, Rob chose to bowl first without hesitation on winning the toss.  A mixed bag of a fielding performance however saw virtually all of the Chigwell side making mistakes, costing us runs which were eventually proved to be of no consequence, (but were nonetheless irksome).

Charlie and Richard started the bowling; Mayfield got off to a sound start before a couple of maidens by Richard stemmed the flow.  Charlie was rewarded for an aggressive spell when he claimed the first wicket with the help of Dave behind the sticks - 43-1 after 9 overs.  Adam replaced Richard, the memory of his excellent bowling at Uplyme still fresh in our minds.  Unfortunately Adam developed a bit of a niggle and was unable to replicate that performance, so Rob took over after only three Adam overs.  Rob O replaced Charlie and the change of pace soon brought results with Guy Bowden, who had looked in good nick, stumped - the result of taking guard beyond the crease on a turning wicket.  Martin Bentley departed bowled by Rob O and things were looking back under control.  Rob A added to the sense of well-being by taking a wicket with his first ball, a gentle half-volley guided into the grateful hands of mid off to leave Mayfield 77-4

Steve Copus and Ray Victor then forged an increasingly assured partnership which began to wrest the initiative back to the visitors.  It was during this stand that, under pressure from the cool running of the batsmen, the fielding became increasingly ragged with fielders slow to stop ones, gifting overthrows, and missing easy run-out opportunities.  After the partnership had doubled the score to 154 salvation was found by Chigwell in the form of Ahsan Kaleem who replaced the faltering Rob O to almost immediate effect.  Steve Copus departed for 41 to a marvellous catch by the bowler and with one end now open Ahsan proceeded to harvest the Mayfield middle-late order with wicked late in-swing.  His figures of 5-26 were in no way flattering and we look forward to many more 5 wicket hauls from him this season.  Charlie had a few more overs but in the end Rob O returned to dismiss the Mayfield number 11, although not before being dispatched over his head for 4 by the tail-ender.  The innings closed on 222 all out, one and a half overs short of the customary cut-off point.

"Wiskin Teas" delivered a sumptuous tea, so far removed from that dished out by their predecessor that it was hard not to overindulge.  Rob and Dave were more careful than most as they had to open the batting, although no one was exactly keen to share the burden of opening with the skipper, causing him to assert his authority and insist that Dave joined him.  Oh happy decision!  Rob and Dave batted superbly against a decent attack, defending the best balls and dispatching anything else with increasing aplomb.  Rob raced ahead to reach 50 first, Dave following soon after.  Eventually the partnership realised 204 runs, the 200 partnership mysteriously greeted with total silence by those gathered on the boundary.

Rob was well caught in the deep having scored a magnificent 117, surely the best he has ever batted.  The only real drama left in the day came when Mayfield went up for a catch behind, claiming an edge from Dave.  As umpire at the time I can only say that I heard no noise, saw no deflection and that however vociferous the appealing it is impossible to give someone out under such circumstances.  Having experienced a similar incident last year, (at a time when it was actually significant to the result) Mayfield were incensed.  Perhaps a largely fruitless day in the field added to their ire.  Unfortunately the incident rather spoiled the atmosphere of a good game played in a friendly spirit.  The bar being prematurely shut by Steve meant that we were unable to rekindle that spirit over a beer or two, which was a real shame. (Do we get a discount from Old Chigs if we have no bar facility after the game?).  

Overall a commanding performance with the bat by the openers and a skilful display of bowling by Ahsan more than made up for our fielding indiscretions and Chigwell finished the day looking like the reigning champions of the league (at last!)

June 14, 2010

Lyme Regis Tour Photos

Some pics from the tour are already up on fb from Brad and Kate. No doubt more to follow, along with match reports.

June 01, 2010

Nil Desperandum

Chigwell vs South Loughton, 30th May 2010

Frank Gough writes:
Following the cancellation of the season's first league fixture against HGW due to the poor weather, we approached the encounter with South Loughton in determined fashion, appreciating the importance of claiming an early win against our ubiquitously tough opponents. At the final analysis however, having restricted the visitors to 167, Chigwell subsided to a hugely disappointing defeat, ultimately being dismissed for 141 to finish 26 runs adrift.

It was an exciting cricket match, one in which the initiative ebbed and flowed throughout. Having won the toss, Rob chose to bowl on a green and mossy pitch, the kind of conditions that have frequently produced springy surfaces at Old Chigs with a fair degree of lateral movement.

With Ramesh in the ranks, Rob was keen to see how his additional pace would fare and he opened the bowling from the car park end, with Dave nominated to share the new cherry. It has to be said that neither were at their best; a strong wind blowing across the ground not assisting either and the pitch being a great deal more placid than we had anticipated. Both Ramesh and Dave were perhaps guilty of bowling too short, with the lack of pace in the wicket meaning that they ended up delivering too many boundary balls. After four overs I took over from Dave, with Rob A taking over from Ramesh four overs later, but only succeeded in marginally reducing the run rate as the SL openers raced to 93 without loss from something like 13 overs.

At this point Rob A, recognising that the wind, pitch and indifferent form were rendering our seamers ineffective, brought on the spinners at both ends, Nick replacing me and Rob O coming on at the car park end. Not for the first time, the effect was both immediate and dramatic; Rob claiming the scalps of both openers with his first two deliveries (the first, Farthing, to a good high catch by Ramesh at long off, the second, Baker, to an LBW). I must confess, as one of the four seamers whose bowling had left something to be desired earlier on the piece, I was ever so slightly grateful that Rob did not completely put our inadequacies into perspective by completing a hat trick. As it transpired, this was the start of a supreme spell by Rob, bowling at his best with changes in pace and the ball gripping and turning; predominantly accurate throughout. His final analysis was 12-2-25-6 and he was not flattered by those figures. At the other end, Nick was not quite up to his usual high standards, even sending down two double bounce deliveries in his spell (one of which was nearly hit straight back to the bowler, leaving me chuckling at mid on at what would surely have been one of the most diabolical wickets in recent memory had the catch stuck). Nick was never collared however, his 12 overs going for 32, and he did claim the important wicket of Tredgold for 3, who had the look of a man that would have made us pay had we allowed him to stay in for long . After Rob had run through the majority of the batting order, I came back on in with Brad at the other end and managed to clear up the last three wickets relatively quickly to close the innings at 167.

After another soul destroying tea, Dave and Richard set out to begin what we hoped would be a comfortable march towards a target that we felt was probably below par. South Loughton responded with a strong fielding and bowling performance, hitting the correct length straight away and proving tenacious in the field to prevent easy singles (arguably a sour note at the start of our fielding performance which had also been pretty good on the whole). Dave was struggling a little to get the ball away and watched as Rich, Rob A, Aqeel and Jawed were all dismissed for single figure scores leaving us in all sorts of trouble at 34 for 4 from around 15 overs. It was around this time that the visitor's opening bowler, Oliver, was unfortunately taken out of the game with a dislocated shoulder suffered in the field and, with the bowling perhaps a touch subdued after that event, Dave and Ramesh managed to get us back into the contest with an increasingly determined stand of 53 until Dave was stumped for a fighting 43(87 for 5). Ramesh followed soon after for a strong 35 and our chances were rapidly receding. Dan got a start but was soon on his way for 14 (112 for 8) and Nick was quickly sent back for 3 leaving us at the brink. A defiant partnership between Rob O and Brad got things moving again, but a bad run out claimed Brad for 11 with us still over 30 in arrears and the overs dwindling. There then followed some contentious moments as close appeals were turned down for LBW against me and a caught behind from Rob, accompanied by some posturing by the opposition.

Anyway, after receiving instructions from Rob to remain a positive I did what I do best and allowed my stumps to be sent somewhere in the direction of Abridge, so that was that. After the game, it was good to drink Rob O's jugged beer and proceed on for more beer and a decent curry at the Bipasha. A painful defeat given how winnable it was, but in the fielding, bowling of Rob and batting of Dave and Ramesh there were positives to be had.We still have the return match against South Loughton; there will be both points to gain and to prove in that one.