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May 17, 2010

No to Willingale ('s lack of ambition...but a good tea as usual;-)

Captain Rob Allum writes:

A potentially rainy afternoon was in prospect as we rocked up to Willingale's ground on 'The Street' yesterday. I had a plan to win the toss and bowl first, getting everyone on to bowl and then chase down whatever they managed to post. Reality struck as I lost the toss and Willingale skipper was very quick to say they would have a bowl.... hmmmm.

Plan B didn't start quite so well as Adam and Myself failed with the bat this week - both playing bad shots and we lost a succession of wickets for not many until Ross and Robbie O steadied the ship with a nice partnership, laying the foundation we needed to get up to some kind of competitive total.  Everyone else chipped in (including Roebyn who batted well and I think eventually was the not out batsman!) to get us up to 150 in the alloted 2.5hrs village rules format.  An excellent tea was enjoyed including a disc of 'cheese straw' - these would have gone well with a beer if there had been any left over after the match but hey ho!

Onwards to the next innings. Robbie O opened the bowling at the top end with Rich at the other. Rich having been literally walking sideways the night before was not in the best form and felt that he could contribute better in the field (which he duly did with full commitment and success.  Rob O adds: I’d like to add a mention of the catch that Richard took off Dan’s bowling, fielding at short mid off.  The ball was blasted directly at him by one of the few aggressive shots played all innings.  He managed a half turn before the ball was crashing into his abdomen, eliciting a strange noise somewhere between a grunt, a gasp and a squeal from our hero.  This was followed a split second later by the cry of “Yes!!!”  as he completed the turn and thrust the ball aloft in triumph.  The bruise already showing below his ribs had become a badge of honour.... ) and I took over at the bottom end to try to stem the flow of seamer based runs.  Rob bowled very tightly and I picked up wickets from my end but the Willingale boys were never particularly behind the rate or very far away from what was only a modest total to chase. However, after a rain break (just at the 20 overs to go mark) and with about 42 on the board with only 3 wickets down they just pulled down the shutters and shut up shop. At this point everyone had a go at bowing as we tried to tempt them to play shots and go for it with the field in etc...they lost a couple more wickets and the guys coming in at least wanted to try to hit the ball around a bit but it was too little too late for Willingale and for us  - so the game dwindled into a bit of a nothing draw..

Shame that it didn't get closer but at least we got a full game in amongst the rain (and I finally got Nige on to bowl for the first time in ages and he took 2 wickets!!).... see you for the next thrilling installment of CCC's cricketing adventures soon folks.


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