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October 20, 2008

Paul Flack

One of our club's great characters, Paul Flack, died in his sleep yesterday. We are all shocked and saddened. It was a complete surprise. He was only 47.

Paul hadn't played much over the past few years, but was a legendary figure at the club and very much further afield too. He was a sculptor, painter, stonemason, film-maker, conservationist and all round gentleman of the arts. And his left-arm spin bowling described the tallest parabolas ever seen above a cricket pitch!

In time, we will organise a fitting cricketing tribute to Paul. Please get in touch or watch this space if you'd like to take part.


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Pete Major

I'm really shocked and saddened to hear the news about Flacky. My memories of him are that of a softly spoken man who enjoyed playing cricket and being in the company of his team mates on a Sunday afternoon. I knew that he was involved in art but had no idea of the other areas he worked in, all of which are now the lesser upon his passing. My thoughts are with his family and the whole Garden/Chigwell family at this sad time. Paul, where ever you may be, may your left-arm spin cause havoc to any unsuspecting batsman you may face. Be at peace, Pete.

Matt Munford

I have just seen the news about flacky, what a shock, my thoughts are with you all at this time. He was a lovely man, with as they say say hear in NZ''mana''.Please keep me posted about a tribute, best wishes matt

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