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August 29, 2007

Wanstead Haven't the Heart to See it Through 26/8/2007

Wanstead 26/8/2007

Won the toss and inserted Wanstead on the grounds that they were likely to be a stronger team than us. This proved to be an unpopular choice with some. I'm not sure if their score of 271 for 8 after 2 and three-quarters hours made it a wise call or not. I took 4 wickets, which ameliorated my boredom if no one else's.

In reply we faltered badly at the start of the innings, which soon left us with no chance whatsoever of winning the game, so we had a bit of fun - Harv scoring 31 not out - until Wanstead grew bored and offered us the draw with 4 overs to go and 6 wickets down! I've never seen that before, but a very Wanstead move. It caused dismay and dis-harmony in our dressing room, Nick upset that Harvey had accepted the offer. I don't think Harvey was at fault excepting that he should really have consulted Nick as his batting partner, however if repeated in any future game, I think the offer should be rejected as a matter of principle.

So Bore draw...


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