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August 02, 2004

Haringey Libraries Lose Their Sport Section

Haringey Libraries failed to appear for the fixture on Sunday, which was extremely annoying, not least because it had been such a pain in the posterior getting a team together in the first place. Thanks for that go to Brad & Ritchie, who between them produced Matt Sutton from Fives, who would, I'm sure, have played a major part in the game. In the end we decided not to completely waste the day and had a little competition batting in pairs, won by Tim Hall and Harvey.

This alternative entertainment for the ten players was only made possible by the generosity of spirit of Steve Meggs and Kate Brown who umpired and scored respectively. It was good to know that in a dispiriting situation such as we found ourselves everyone pulled together and made something of the day.

Before condemning the Librarians we need to get to the bottom of what presumably is a frightful mix up. I can't believe that they wouldn't have let us know they weren't coming if they had the fixture down correctly. Someone will have to look into it, possibly Nick on his return from foreign climes.

Better luck over the next couple of weeks guys, I'm off on my hols.


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