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August 12, 2004

Colts shine as Chigs fade away

Sunday 8th August: Frenford 291 for not many, declared. Chigwell 108. Frenford win by 183 runs.

Match report by Linda Wiskin...

Sorry about the delay! Whatever came over me: offering to do the Frenford match report? Brad did look dubious...perhaps he thinks I can't describe the field positions and perhaps he is right!!

Frenford put out their normal hot side and we were put into field in the midday heat. Suffice to say it was a long hot afternoon with Rallum leading the attack backed by Owen, Brad and Olly, who showed some interesting effects of the sun. Can't remember much else except I had a chat with Mark on the boundary, nice to see him back at last. Hannah did a good turn bowling and one of the most exciting moments was when Gra took a one handed catch from her bowling giving her a well deserved wicket. Good attempts from the next generation in fielding accuracy. It was good to see the addition of Luke Sutton, who unfortunately did not get much of a game this time, but I certainly hope we'll see him again.

It was remarkable that we achieved over 100 after tea. They looked very nippy and accurate, ( You notice I didn't say much about our bowling, fielding etc.) Our openers Mark and Rob, hit out when they could, Graham looked like he might still be able to beef it, but all went for a handful of runs.

Cometh the hour cometh the man! Phil Bannocks decided he was the man to turn the fortunes of the ailing Chigwell. Well done Phil, top scorer on 27, always a highly underrated batsman in my opinion and much improved from the Chris Barr days!!

Owen was also remarkable, mainly for his staying ability: his innings had an N.Allum 'of old' quality. Finally as Owen supported the 12 year olds...the ring moved in Hannah hit a couple of spectacular 4's, and Tom overcame his drastic groin strain( I'm cynical and I'm his mother!) to put in 7 not out. Never underestimate the kids.

Well, Frenford, despite retiring batsman who reached a ton, seemed to appreciate that we'd tried to give them a decent game with possibly the weakest side of the season. So the feeling was good. Well done Brad for the effort and enthusiasm holding it all together. Sorry guys for the lack of technical detail.

It is now too late for me to book a bouncy castle for Bank Holiday Monday, so I'll assume the sub committee has every thing sorted. (is this relevant?! - Ed.) Good luck for the rest of the season and next time Brad says do I want anything for scoring, somebody remind me my husband is unemployed and the answer is not 'Not interested...'.


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