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June 15, 2004

Chigwell Let Game Slip Through Their Fingers (South Loughton 13/6/04)

South Loughton once again gave Chigwell a thumping, aided and abetted by a generally poor display in the field from Chigwell, and a deteriorating pitch, which frankly was poor, even for our level of cricket.

As skipper I have mastered the art of toss-losing, and South Loughton duly
obliged and batted first. Their Afrikaans connection was still in evidence,
but fortunately not the Boer who clubbed 170 odd runs last year. Dom put his heart and soul into another hostile spell, but had no luck whatsoever,
and saw two chances spilled. Tim M got the ball swinging early, and trapped
two South Loughtonians in front LBW. The scoring rate was kept under
control; Rob replaced Dom and took a wicket in his first over, this a catch
behind by substitute wicket-keeper yours truly, the only catch held by
Chigwell all day. Two other reasonable chances went down off Brad's bowling
and Chigwell sagged as the opposition reached 210 before declaring. I don't
know what Chigwell had on their hands when in the field, but I can't believe
that it wasn't "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter". Ritchie had started
behind the stumps, but his mind and body went on a strange "jet-lag" induced
journey to the land where the bong tree grows, his gloves became table
tennis bats, and the ball transmogrified into a soapy sphere encased in
banana-skin oil. On the positive side Olly played for the first time for
the club, turning the ball nicely in his bowling spell and instantly
becoming the best arm in the club. Tom Wiskin bowled only 7 balls, but put
each one on the spot, his improvement over the last year, and his potential
for the future clear to everyone.

In the absence of any recognised openers Phil and myself elected to start
things off. Phil fell to his first ball, chipping it gently back to the
bowler, which could have happened to anyone on that wicket. I cashed in on some
delightfully slow bowling to score 37 before edging poorly to slip. After
that the main hope was for Graham and our all-rounders to score well, but
the pitch did for Wiskin Snr, with undue haste and some tight South African
bowling accounting for the rest of the middle order. Dom scored an
attractive 37, but in the end Chigwell limped their way to 133 all out.

We sped off early, little suspecting the horror that was awaiting us in the
England vs. France match at Euro 2004. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!


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